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Still Sleepy

June 26, 2010

I am very thankful to have my appetite back and nearly all of the nausea gone. I can’t seem to get over the late afternoon / early evening drowsiness though. My kids still take 2 hour naps, so when I nap with them all is good. If not, I hit a wall around dinner time and become unable to function properly. I love taking naps, I just feel like there is so much I could and should be getting done during my free time.

Our last doctors appointment went well, it was the first time she used the doppler rather than ultrasound. This little girl was so squirmy, it took her forever to find the heart beat. Every time she’d get close, it would fade off and she’d have to track it down again. Once she did get in a good spot, we heard it beating beautifully and strong. We have our 18-20 week ultrasound scheduled for mid July, then back to the OB toward the end of the month.

I’m still in the “between stage” where I don’t quite look pregnant, just like I’ve gained ten pounds – all in the midsection. We’re 16 weeks today and she’s about the size of an avocado. I’m looking forward to the belly popping out so I look pregnant rather than pudgy. We went swimming yesterday and it felt so good to be in the water. My four year old daughter, who put me through torture last summer during swim lessons said she wants to take them again. It was two weeks of misery, as she’d protest even getting in the water. She had always loved the water but didn’t like swim lessons one bit. Now she’s holding her nose and going under (this is huge because she doesn’t like getting water even near her eyes in the bathtub) and will swim holding onto a noodle or with me just supporting her belly. I just don’t want lessons to make her digress as she likes to do things her way and on her time. The little girl in my belly is due five days after my daughter – I think they are going to have a feisty little girl too!


A Sneak Peek

June 19, 2010

On Thursday afternoon, my daughter, son and I met up with the family of this little baby growing in my belly for a 3D ultrasound. It was fun explaining to the tech who we all were. “These are my two kids, the one in my belly isn’t mine, it’s theirs, this is grandma to be, auntie, uncle and the baby’s two big brothers.”

The place we went to was nice and comfy with a big couch, chairs and a huge flat screen TV for everyone to get a good view of the ultrasound. The baby was awake and active and it didn’t take long for the ultrasound tech to point out “girlie parts”! They are having a little girl and are so happy! She was squirming around for a good amount of time, waved her little hand, then settled down to rest. My little girl kept saying, “Oh, she’s so cute!” It was so wonderful to share this experience with my children, so they could see the baby and the family that is excitedly awaiting their newest addition.

The June gloom has finally cleared and we had a fantastic day today starting with going out for a pancake breakfast followed by a stroll to farmer’s market while our house was being cleaned, something mom to be generously offered to have done during the pregnancy. Their thoughtfulness and caring have made me feel so appreciated and pampered. Coming home to a clean house is spectacular! I wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible so we headed to the beach for the afternoon. Today was the perfect start to a wonderful weekend!


June 13, 2010

This weekend I moved my four year old daughter into a full size bed (which will come in handy for guests too), and my soon to be two year old son into her toddler bed and sold the crib! It’s fun to be pregnant without having to think about all of the things that come along with babies. While I definitely feel pregnant, I don’t have the usual inclinations that come with pregnancy like pondering over every name I hear and checking out strollers as they pass by. I get to enjoy my not so little ones and love their increasing independence.

I still get occasional bouts of nausea and feel like I’m going to be sick but it passes fairly quickly. I’m looking forward to the pregnancy reminders changing from queasiness to little kicks and punches.

Thirteen Weeks

June 5, 2010

We are officially in the second trimester! Okay baby, this means no more nausea, more energy and the belly will start looking round instead of plump. I got some extra virgin coconut oil to rub on my stomach and hips in hopes of minimizing stretch marks and it smells amazing. Coconut is one of my favorite scents and this smells so good I want to eat it.

I have been so thirsty lately and can’t get enough ice. I’ve been buying bagged ice since I can’t make it fast enough and have thought multiple times about titling an entry “Ice, Ice, Baby” but have resisted the temptation, though that song enters my head daily as I fill up my water bottle.

According to, baby is now the size of a medium shrimp (3 inches) and weighs almost an ounce!

Last week in the First Trimester!

June 2, 2010

We are wrapping up the first trimester this week and I’m feeling so much better. I am eating a variety of foods again and rarely feel nauseous. Our bodies do a good job of telling us what they need.  Egg salad sandwiches and chocolate pudding are not usual favorites of mine but they’ve sounded (and tasted) so delicious. I probably needed a little extra protein and calcium so I went ahead and fed the craving. My belly is starting to grow, making my pants too tight to button. I can get away with wearing them using a rubber band through the button hole and a belly band over the top but am so much more comfortable in elastic waistbands. Thankfully summer is right around the corner – summer dresses are the best for pregnancy!