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Wow, Time Flies!

October 4, 2011

Children are an excellent gauge for measuring time. We breakdown the years by seasons, the months by holidays and birthdays, the weeks by what’s going on at school and in our lives, and the days by breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. Lately, I’ve lost track of it all.

Has it really been almost a year since our journey ended so beautifully? It was a happy ending but a happier beginning; as we have made such dear friends in the process and my family feels more complete having them in our lives.

We are rapidly approaching baby “C’s” first birthday (11-27) and I couldn’t be happier about the experience we’ve had. Their entire family has grown to be such a wonderful part of our lives.

The strangest part about having been a surrogate is knowing that I’ve gone through IVF. Carrying another baby and giving birth for the third time have faded into my distant memory, while seeing her happy and thriving with her family makes me feel like I’ve been able to give what I wanted and will always be thankful I did!

I feel like what I did for them pales in comparison to the friendship and acceptance their family has given to mine. I know I gave them a wonderful gift but hope they realize what a gift they have been!