Thirteen Weeks

We are officially in the second trimester! Okay baby, this means no more nausea, more energy and the belly will start looking round instead of plump. I got some extra virgin coconut oil to rub on my stomach and hips in hopes of minimizing stretch marks and it smells amazing. Coconut is one of my favorite scents and this smells so good I want to eat it.

I have been so thirsty lately and can’t get enough ice. I’ve been buying bagged ice since I can’t make it fast enough and have thought multiple times about titling an entry “Ice, Ice, Baby” but have resisted the temptation, though that song enters my head daily as I fill up my water bottle.

According to, baby is now the size of a medium shrimp (3 inches) and weighs almost an ounce!


One Response to “Thirteen Weeks”

  1. babytyche08 Says:

    Yay! Congratulations.. I know the feeling that you finally get rid of nausea and morning sickness.

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