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Happy Baby Dance

May 25, 2010

We went in for a check up with our OB today and had an ultrasound to make sure everything is healthy in the womb since discontinuing the progesterone and delestrogen injections. Mom and Dad to be were there and we got to see the baby moving around like crazy! It looked like it was dancing, moving its arms around and rolling from side to back. It is absolutely amazing to see how developed a fetus is at 11 weeks and it’s only the size of a fig!

Last week my kids took turns getting sick and now I am fighting a nasty cold. We’ve had lots of wind and pollen in the air so it feels like I have allergies mixed into it all. My appetite is slowly coming back and I’m hoping as we venture into the second trimester I’ll start to feel fabulous.

We are now like a normal, healthy pregnancy and don’t have another doctor’s appointment for four weeks. Like our doctor said today in regards to parenting, “The days seem long but the years fly by”, the days are definitely dragging but the weeks are starting to fly by for this surrogacy journey.


No More Needles!

May 18, 2010

Tonight was my final night of injections and I am so thankful to be done! I had mom to be call the nurse to double check that she really meant today would be my last day because the doctor kept going back and forth as to when I’d be finished. I called yesterday, as I was down to my last dose of delestrogen and the doctor said after Tuesday (we are 10 weeks, 3 days), I could stop the progesterone as well. We have graduated from the fertility clinic and all of our appointments from here on out are with a local ob. I am definitely more nervous with this pregnancy, opposed to my own but as we approach the second trimester, I’m feeling more assured that everything is fine.

I think I’m past the worst of the queasiness and have been finding food more appealing. I still have my moments of feeling not so hot and have to eat regularly to keep the nausea away but am thankful that I am eating somewhat normal meals again. Bland foods are still most appealing- today I had an English muffin with melted cheese and a Morningstar sausage patty for breakfast, lentil soup and a piece of garlic bread for lunch and a stuffed baked potato for dinner. Eat up little baby.

E for Effort

May 14, 2010

Trying to figure out what to have for dinner has been tricky lately. Tonight around six thirty I decided I wanted a baked potato. Sadly, the first thing I did was go online and look at menus and considered getting take out. Seriously? Take out for a baked potato?! So, I loaded up the kids and headed to the grocery store which is a mere three blocks away. The result – an amazingly delicious baked potato topped with steamed broccoli, zucchini, melted cheddar cheese and sour cream. I’m not usually a fan of nuked foods but it was ready in ten minutes and came out great. Not only did I cook, I ate my vegetables too.

It’s a baby!

May 13, 2010

It amazes me how much a fetus develops in ten days. Last week all I could see was a big blob (sorry baby) but today it completely resembled a baby. Mom to be and I went down for our last appointment with the fertility clinic, from here on we get to see a local ob. We had a perfect straight on view and could even see itty bitty fingers. It went from 17 to 34 mm – doubling it’s size in the last week and a half! We got to listen to the heart beat too, a strong 160 bpm. I have to stay on the progesterone and delestrogen for another week or two, then I’ll finally be done with injections! I don’t heat them up anymore and haven’t been having any problems. The doctors and nurses down there are amazing and so supportive. They wanted to make sure we keep in touch and call for anything. Watching the development from embryo to fetus was absolutely amazing and I am continually in awe of reproductive technology.

Fresh Fruit

May 11, 2010

The past few nights have not been kind to me at dinner time. When Top Ramen sounds good – I’m definitely off! I am usually a healthy eater and love my veggies but lately it’s been bland, carbohydrate filled foods. Today I was feeling a lot better but am still not pleased with my food choices. The kids and I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, which were delicious. Then I had a piece of fruit leather for a snack followed by a slice of New York style pizza for lunch. We went out for Taco Tuesday – $1 tacos! and I had two bean tacos which tasted great. From there we walked through the Farmer’s Market and picked up sweet strawberries (see below), a bag of cherries and some gorgeous magenta gerber daisies with bright green centers. I am so happy summer is on its way with all of the fabulous fresh fruits that come with it. Hopefully I’ll be back to eating my veggies soon. I just had a cup of mint tea which is going to be my new nightly ritual. It was wonderful. We have our next appointment on Thursday. Mom to be and I are going down together for an ultrasound to check baby’s progress.

Our Little Potted Garden

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2010

I am so blessed to come from multiple generations of amazing, strong, beautiful women. I admire my mother and grandmother for all they’ve been through and how they are such positive, generous, and caring people.

Since eating isn’t the most enjoyable thing for me these days, my kiddos and I skipped Mother’s Day brunch and went shopping for plants and started our little garden. We planted tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, sugar snap peas, sweet peas, succulents and petunias.  I bought two beautiful pink hydrangea to put in the large pots on either side of our front door, which will hopefully remind me to water all of the other plants. We still have a few more packages of seeds (zucchini, string beans, and more carrots) to plant but those will have to wait for my next wave of motivation.

Mom to be stopped by on Friday with a loaf of crusty French bread and a dozen amazingly delicious chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet mini cupcakes as a Mother’s Day treat. There is only one left and it’s going to be for ME! Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandma, sisters, mom of this little baby in my belly, and all of the other wonderful moms I know!


May 3, 2010

Yesterday, I attended a healing & health yoga workshop with a group of wonderful women to celebrate our fabulous friend’s runaway marriage in Mexico and subsequent pregnancy.  She is only a couple weeks behind me so we get to share the pregnancy experience together. The class was two and a half hours of relaxing yoga poses, meditation, visualization and Reiki healing. Towards the end, the teacher had everyone send out positive energy towards the two unborn babies in the room, which was so special. Feeling centered and relaxed, we followed the workshop with a picnic in a beautiful nearby park with a Koi pond, turtles and ducks. The food was amazing.  We had wraps, fruit salad, cheeses, roasted garlic, French bread, green papaya salad and lots of yummy desserts. It was a perfect afternoon!

Today was our 8 week ultrasound and the baby is growing beautifully. It measured 17 mm and I heard the heart beat for the first time; it is such a comforting sound. I am staying on my current dosages of progesterone and delestrogen for now, probably up until ten weeks. Eating snacks throughout the day has helped with the queasiness – I have fruit leather and mini packs of almonds, cranberries, and cashews in my purse at all times. I am so excited that summer is on its way with all the delicious fruits and veggies that come with it!

Sourdough Toast

May 1, 2010

As of today we are 8 weeks! Sourdough toast has played such an important part of my life these past few days that I felt it deserved to be the title of this post. I haven’t cooked anything in a week now and have a hard time finding things that sound good enough to eat. Yesterday, breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted of  sourdough toast. A piece in the morning for breakfast with butter, followed by a smoothie.  Lunch was another piece of toast with half an avocado mashed with salt and smeared over the top.  Then buttered sourdough toast for dinner with a side of fresh pineapple. Then I had a pickle and some mini oreos.  I’m hoping this passes soon and I can get back to eating well balanced meals. I go from feeling fine to starving instantly so today I’m off to Trader Joe’s to stock up on emergency snacks to keep on hand and eat before the hunger strikes. Eating helps combat the queasiness but once it hits its hard to eat. We’ll see if snacking throughout the day makes this go away. Our next ultrasound is Monday to see how much the baby has grown and hopefully I’ll get to start weaning off the progesterone and delestrogen. Last night my hip felt crunchy as the needle went through. No pain, just crunchiness. Only a couple weeks of injections left, I can’t wait!