This weekend I moved my four year old daughter into a full size bed (which will come in handy for guests too), and my soon to be two year old son into her toddler bed and sold the crib! It’s fun to be pregnant without having to think about all of the things that come along with babies. While I definitely feel pregnant, I don’t have the usual inclinations that come with pregnancy like pondering over every name I hear and checking out strollers as they pass by. I get to enjoy my not so little ones and love their increasing independence.

I still get occasional bouts of nausea and feel like I’m going to be sick but it passes fairly quickly. I’m looking forward to the pregnancy reminders changing from queasiness to little kicks and punches.


One Response to “Transitions”

  1. Grandma Says:

    You make everything you do sound like so much fun, so wonderful, so easy. Hooray for you and your beautiful example of life triumphant!!

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