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On the Road Again

February 22, 2010

I took another trip down to the fertility clinic today, with many more to come in the near future. My uterine lining was on the thick side (17) but the nurse said if my estrogen was low enough (between 80 and 100), we could move forward. The call this afternoon said they want me to take birth control pills for another week to lower my estrogen and thin out my lining. When I asked, she said my estrogen level came back at 80. I guess that number didn’t mean much after all. So another week of hormones then I head back down next Monday for another check up. Hopefully as I loose that thick lining, I’ll loose a few pounds with it! Our tentative date of Transfer is March 25th. I guess my body wants to wait until it is officially spring grow that little seed.


FAT Tuesday

February 16, 2010

I was so proud of myself for not gaining any weight while injecting all of those pregnancy hormones but now that I’ve come off of all the meds and started birth control again, I feel huge! I think I’ve gained five pounds this last week. And the hormones! Birth control pills make me crazy. Crazy and chubby, no wonder they help prevent pregnancy. I’m looking forward to the next round of drugs to help balance out my raging hormones. I only have four days left on the pill. I can do it. I think I’ll make it.

Preparing the Womb

February 11, 2010

I was given a choice between going in tomorrow for blood work to check my estrogen levels then evaluate or go on birth control pills for ten days and then go in for a screening. The nurse said her guess is that my estrogen is probably still high, so I’m going to go with the latter and start the pill tonight. Because the office is an hour away and these “quick” appointments usually take an hour, I’m going trust her assumption and prepare for the emotions that come with that lovely little pill. I have to take inventory of my supplies and see what we need for this cycle. I don’t need Lupron this time around, so I’ll be jumping right back in with the big needles. If everything unfolds according to schedule, we’ll do the frozen embryo transfer the first week in March. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!


February 10, 2010

I started my period today! It is officially day one of our new cycle. Now I have to go in for blood work to make sure all of the Delestrogen is out of my system and then we’ll start the meds again. This one should be a bit quicker as we are doing a frozen embryo (singular) transfer. We’re just following my menstrual cycle rather than having to sync up. In about three weeks we should be all set and ready for transfer. This time, it will work!

Deep Down, it Hurts

February 7, 2010

Not only the big bruise from my last progesterone injection, but more so the fact that the transfer didn’t work. You can’t help but think about the surrogacy daily, with injections, prenatal vitamins and numerous doctors’ appointments. Now that the results have sunk in, I’ve realized how much we have all invested in making a baby. It is a physically, emotionally, and financially draining process and not having successful results is disheartening. I do still firmly believe in everything I said in my last post and really do have a positive outlook on the entire process. I just wanted to make it clear that while we can replant the seed and hope for new growth, the effort and emotions that went into the last sowing will not be forgotten.

Not Our Time

February 6, 2010

After waiting with much anticipation for the results of the blood test, the nurse called without good news. The beta came back negative. I was very surprised because I have felt so pregnant. The power of my mind combined with lots of injected pregnancy hormones made me pretty darn sure the results would be positive. I was wrong. I now go off all medication and should start my period within a couple days. The nurse apologized in advance saying, “It should be very heavy.” So here I am, sipping on my first glass of [real] wine in two months and savoring its complexity. Then we’ll begin again. The parents to be have the best attitudes towards it all and are ready for round two, knowing it will happen when the time is right. Thankfully, we have a surplus of frozen embryos, one of which will grow to be their baby. Spring is a good time to make babies and in March it will all begin anew.

Patience is a Virtue

February 3, 2010

This has got to be the longest week ever! I have been extremely busy with work, the kids, and dinner dates with friends but it is still crawling by. I go in on Saturday for a beta pregnancy test, which measures hcG levels in your blood, a hormone produced during pregnancy. Having the hormone present confirms pregnancy then it is rechecked to make sure it’s increasing regularly. My daily progesterone injections no longer faze me and the soreness has eased greatly. I already have the same feelings I had with both of my pregnancies, knowing I was pregnant before I took a test. This time is way different though and I’m hoping it’s not all in my head. The medications have altered my hormone levels creating a pregnancy like state, but I go though periods of ravenous hunger and times of slight queasiness. I have a good feeling that something’s going on in there. Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume I have a baby growing in my belly!

So Far, So Good!

February 1, 2010

The anticipation is killing me! I went in today for a blood test to check my estrogen and progesterone levels which both came back good. So, I continue on the same doses of delestrogen and progesterone. Now we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait till Saturday for the pregnancy test. I’m thinking positive!