The Last Hurrah!

With the okay from our doctor and the parents to be (since it’s a little farther than our contract’s allowable travel and quite an adventure in itself), I took my kids to Disneyland on Sunday with a friend and her daughter. I had a ticket from volunteering for Give a Day, Get a Day that expires December 15th and I didn’t want to pass up going. The day was way easier than I anticipated it to be and we managed to get in nine rides (I skipped two of them), visited Toon Town and saw the magical lighting of the castle and snow display right before we left. She had the MouseWait app on her iPhone, and is a pass holder (aka Disneyland expert) allowing us to get the most out of our day. This was my first time going as an adult during the holidays when it is all decked out, so I enjoyed all of the little details and didn’t miss going on the “big rides” at all. The kids were wonderfully behaved and had “the best day ever”! Since my daughter’s birthday is a few weeks away, we got her a Happy Birthday pin from the ticket window and made it her special day. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for her actual birthday yet, since it’s only five days before our due date. I’ve already let the baby know she can come before or after, as long as I’m not in the hospital on her birthday, it’ll all be good.

Monday we were back to school and work and by the end of the day I was exhausted! My feet swelled up again, I’m sure hugely in part from the low heels I wore and have not been the same since. I got a pedicure yesterday, which felt amazing and bought a pair of stretchy flats to get me though these next few weeks when filp flops won’t do. We had our 36 week check up today. Blood pressure and weight were good. Baby’s heart beat was strong and I’m measuring 37 weeks (the same as last week, so perhaps she’s dropped). I had a little protein in my urine but not enough to worry the doctor, and without any other negative symptoms it seems to be okay. She did the Group B Strep test as well, and hopefully that will come back negative so I can avoid antibiotics during labor, especially since mine tend to be so quick. This coming Saturday, baby girl will be considered full term, then the waiting begins! It’s time to pack my bag, get the house in order, the kid’s back up care lined up (if great grandma doesn’t make it in time) and then wait and wonder when her birthday will come.


One Response to “The Last Hurrah!”

  1. Chiara Says:

    homestretch! good luck! hope you are able to rest some!

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