Baby Brain

My calendar had been marked for months, the lovely invite for this little girl’s baby shower posted on my fridge, babysitter lined up and I was ready to go just before noon on Saturday. I left the front door unlocked for the house cleaner and we loaded up the kids into the car. I ran back inside to grab tissues for my son’s runny nose and headed to mama to be’s baby shower. My sitter had loaned out her car that day so she was going to drop me off and take the kids to the museum in my car. First, I took the wrong street and was telling my sitter that I had serious baby brain and was not usually this spacey. We pulled up to the address on the invite and there was only one car in the driveway. Other than the balloons and sign out front, it didn’t look like much of a party. I looked at the invite again and noticed the shower started at 2 p.m. not 12 p.m.! I felt so stupid. So, I ended up dropping the sitter off and taking the kids to the natural history museum myself since I had a couple hours to kill. I then got a call saying the house keeper came by but the door was locked and there was no key. I knew I had left the door open and then remembered my forgetting and realized I had locked it when I ran back into the house. Oh, what a morning.

Thankfully, the afternoon unfolded beautifully. My sitter came back over just before two and the baby shower was lovely. It was a great group of wonderful women, tea, quiche, sandwiches and lots of sweets. It was so nice to see how loved and blessed this little girl is going to be and I’m sure it made it all feel so much more real for the mom. In less than two months, they are going to have a little girl to adore. There wasn’t an ounce of me that felt like I was going to be having a baby. Of course I will be physically giving birth to one but I have no longing to bring a baby home and haven’t once thought of her as mine in any way. I was so surprised to receive such a generous gift from part of her family – an awesome new camera! I have been dreaming of having a Canon Rebel for years and I am so excited to work on my photography. Her friends also put together a fabulous gift basket and had gifts for my children as well. I have felt so appreciated throughout this entire experience and am so thankful for the relationships that have formed throughout our journey. I couldn’t imagine a better surrogacy experience than the way this one has evolved.

Last week I managed to only nap once, this week however I’ve already succumbed to two out of three days. I love naps, I really do and when it is raining I don’t think they should be passed up.


Raindrops on roses – one of my first photos


3 Responses to “Baby Brain”

  1. Laurie T. Says:

    Your journey has been incredible. I eagerly look forward to reading each posting. Thank you for sharing, Leslie!!!!

  2. Grandma Says:

    Dear Leslie,
    Oh, how beautifully you told that story. Your way with words brought tears to my eyes.
    Hugs and love,

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Beautiful first photo! Frame it! It was a pleasure meeting you at the shower. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving this special gift to my dear friend!

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