Weeks, Months, and Trimesters

Pregnancy is broken down into weeks, months, and trimesters and it can all get so confusing. 40 weeks seems pretty simple to grasp, but then you have to factor in the two weeks from ovulation to fertilization and that’s where it starts to become unclear to some. On the day of conception you are already two weeks into your pregnancy. Sources differ as far as which weeks mark the beginning and end of the trimesters and can be measured by development, gestation or conception. If you’re talking about how many months along, its the month you are in rather than how many you’ve completed. So, with that said we’re currently 28 weeks, 7 months or in the third trimester. If she decides to arrive around 40 weeks, we only have 12 weeks to go!

I was four days late with my daughter (first born) and was induced at 38 weeks with my son due to several factors. I’ll share these stories soon. I am all for natural, unmedicated births but know that in the end there are many circumstances that need medical intervention. What’s most important is to listen to your body and allow room for change in whatever birth “plan” you intend.

I passed the glucose tolerance test and happy to have that out of the way. Paperwork has been filed regarding the birth certificate and the parents to be will be listed as the birth mother and father, as I am only the gestational carrier. We now have check ups every two weeks, December will be here before we know it!


One Response to “Weeks, Months, and Trimesters”

  1. twinkiemom Says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd trimester status!! The end is near…And thank you for taking care of your precious cargo. I know that the Intended Parents really appreciate the care and concern you have provided to their little baby girl.

    It’s completely refreshing that you understand your place in this equation. You are the amazing “oven” – the parents are the parents and they are driving the bus. I appreciate so much that you respect their boundaries and are okay with your place in this journey. (This way not the case with our surrogate.) One clarification: you are NOT – “only” the gestational carrier. You are a very important part of this baby’s birth story – and the creation of this family. Without you, “baby girl” would not be here.

    Reading about your collective journey warms my heart. This is the way it is supposed to be. This is the way I thought it would be for us – but wasn’t. You’re a team; all in it together.

    Thanks for sharing!

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