Back to School Bugs

Our first week getting into the groove of getting up at 7 am and out of the house by 8 for school and work was a breeze. Both of the kids were happy as can be at drop off and pick up time and I was able to put in more time at the office. Everything was going so smoothly and we were excited for a new week after labor day weekend.

My daughter woke up Tuesday morning with an ear infection and I felt out of sorts after a terrible night’s sleep from her waking up numerous times. She had a fever so I had to call the school, daycare for my son, work and her doctor. We got in to the doctor early that morning and she was given a prescription for antibiotics, and recommendations of heat (we use our rice pillow) and Tylenol. I love our pediatrician, especially the fact that she doesn’t over prescribe (and she was a referred to me from Grandma and Mom to be when my daughter was born, so she’ll most likely be this baby’s doctor too). She said I could wait a day, see if it improves and fill it if necessary but with the pain my daughter was in, and the lingering cough she’d had for over a week I wanted to knock out what ever infection was lingering and keep it from spreading.

I ended up getting sick twice that day and couldn’t keep food down. No fever or any other symptoms. I’m hoping that was just a little immunity boost and we are all done being sick for the year. In the last two weeks we’ve had colds, coughs, an ear infection, and a stomach bug come to visit. That’s quite enough.

Today all was well, and we were back to school, work, childcare and everyone is feeling fine…just in time for the weekend. Baby girl is now big enough to see the movements from the outside. She either loves story time every night or is trying to tell us to quiet down with all her wiggling around. It’s time to go in for the glucose tolerance test to screen for gestational diabetes, along with our regular check up early next week. As of this Saturday, we’ll be in the third trimester!


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