Oh, How They Grow!

I can’t believe it is already September 1st and what a week it has been! My daughter started Pre-K on Monday and loves her school. We have been counting down the days for months and she was excited to say goodbye on her first day. She enjoyed it so much she didn’t want to leave when I went to pick her up. Tuesday, I thought would be my challenging day dropping my two year old off at a new sitter’s. It is right around the corner from my daughter’s school making drop offs and pickups a breeze. When I told him that I was going to work, he said, “Bye Mom” and that was that. I am so excited to see their independence and growth as we enter the school years of their lives.

My little boy has shown no interest in potty training other than taking apart his potty chair and throwing the pieces across the room. Today when I was changing his diaper and he started to pee, I covered him quickly with the diaper and asked if he wanted to go on the potty. He said, “Yes!” We ran to the bathroom, he sat on his little potty and PEED! He was so proud of himself (thanks to the cheers from his sister and me) and so was I! I can’t wait for the day that we are diaper free. It’s time to get out the m&m jar and fill it up for a sweet incentive for him to go on the potty all the time. Since his sister doesn’t need the incentive and to avoid her wanting m&ms all day long, she’ll get one too each time he goes for encouraging him to be a big boy. I’m not expecting him to be potty trained anytime soon but this is a huge start.

When writing my last post, I had major pregnancy brain and mentioned my weight gain without realizing that was based on weighing myself that night. I fluctuate so much throughout the day that I like to only count what I weigh in the morning before drinking gallons of water and eating all day long. If I weighed myself this morning, I don’t remember what it was as we were out the door by 8 am. I am not a morning person and don’t think I am really awake on a functioning level until at least 8:30. While my belly is definitely expanding, I’m feeling good, eating healthily and am not worried about the baby weight. Tonight we had grilled shrimp, beet greens and steamed mashed sweet potato for dinner. I just bought a cast iron grill that covers two burners and absolutely love it! One side is flat for pancakes and the other has grooves for the bbq effect. My grandma used hers for a few delicious meals when we were up in Idaho this summer and I knew I had to have one. Bed, Bath and Beyond had a few ranging from $49-$150 but I found this one at Cost Plus World Market for $19 and am so happy I did!

All is well with baby girl. She’s a mellow one but her movements are getting more pronounced. I’ve been trying to get an idea of her positioning but have no clue. One moment I feel something near my bladder then the next up way above my belly button. As long as she’s head down when we get closer to the due date, she can move around all she wants until then. Only 101 days to go!


2 Responses to “Oh, How They Grow!”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Another peek into the window of your blessed life.

  2. Patricia Cullinane Says:

    Sharing your joyous outlook on life is delightful! Reminds me of your Grandma, whom I love dearly! Can’t wait to get a cast iron griddle of my own. (-: PC

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