Home, Sweet Home

We had a wonderful vacation in Sandpoint, Idaho and my little ones were great travelers. I hope to make it an annual trip to Grandma’s house every summer. Two weeks flew by, the weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun spending time with family and friends in such a beautiful place.

We had twelve hours of travel on Wednesday, which included an hour and a half drive followed by three flights with a layover in Portland, OR and another in Sacramento, CA. My daughter slept the entire second flight and my son slept during the third one making it a pretty easy day. A lady on our last flight complimented my children on how well behaved they were, making me a proud mama after a long day of travel.

I’m feeling kicks from baby girl daily, most of them once I’ve settled down for the day or right after a meal. I’ve also reached the point where I’m obviously looking pregnant, gaining questions from co-workers and strangers alike. When I mention it’s a surrogacy, responses are incredibly positive. Overall, I’m feeling great and enjoying the second trimester. Only four more months and this little lady will be here!

View of Sandpoint from Schweitzer Mountain


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