No More Needles!

Tonight was my final night of injections and I am so thankful to be done! I had mom to be call the nurse to double check that she really meant today would be my last day because the doctor kept going back and forth as to when I’d be finished. I called yesterday, as I was down to my last dose of delestrogen and the doctor said after Tuesday (we are 10 weeks, 3 days), I could stop the progesterone as well. We have graduated from the fertility clinic and all of our appointments from here on out are with a local ob. I am definitely more nervous with this pregnancy, opposed to my own but as we approach the second trimester, I’m feeling more assured that everything is fine.

I think I’m past the worst of the queasiness and have been finding food more appealing. I still have my moments of feeling not so hot and have to eat regularly to keep the nausea away but am thankful that I am eating somewhat normal meals again. Bland foods are still most appealing- today I had an English muffin with melted cheese and a Morningstar sausage patty for breakfast, lentil soup and a piece of garlic bread for lunch and a stuffed baked potato for dinner. Eat up little baby.


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