It’s a baby!

It amazes me how much a fetus develops in ten days. Last week all I could see was a big blob (sorry baby) but today it completely resembled a baby. Mom to be and I went down for our last appointment with the fertility clinic, from here on we get to see a local ob. We had a perfect straight on view and could even see itty bitty fingers. It went from 17 to 34 mm – doubling it’s size in the last week and a half! We got to listen to the heart beat too, a strong 160 bpm. I have to stay on the progesterone and delestrogen for another week or two, then I’ll finally be done with injections! I don’t heat them up anymore and haven’t been having any problems. The doctors and nurses down there are amazing and so supportive. They wanted to make sure we keep in touch and call for anything. Watching the development from embryo to fetus was absolutely amazing and I am continually in awe of reproductive technology.


2 Responses to “It’s a baby!”

  1. Twinkiemom Says:

    It truly is a miracle. You are so fortunate to be able to experience this firsthand and it is such a generous gift you are giving the Intended Parents. Keep on doing what you’re doing and caring for the precious cargo you are holding…the best thing you can do is take excellent care of YOU. Thanks for sharing this amazing journey.

  2. kimmy0808 Says:


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