Sourdough Toast

As of today we are 8 weeks! Sourdough toast has played such an important part of my life these past few days that I felt it deserved to be the title of this post. I haven’t cooked anything in a week now and have a hard time finding things that sound good enough to eat. Yesterday, breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted of  sourdough toast. A piece in the morning for breakfast with butter, followed by a smoothie.  Lunch was another piece of toast with half an avocado mashed with salt and smeared over the top.  Then buttered sourdough toast for dinner with a side of fresh pineapple. Then I had a pickle and some mini oreos.  I’m hoping this passes soon and I can get back to eating well balanced meals. I go from feeling fine to starving instantly so today I’m off to Trader Joe’s to stock up on emergency snacks to keep on hand and eat before the hunger strikes. Eating helps combat the queasiness but once it hits its hard to eat. We’ll see if snacking throughout the day makes this go away. Our next ultrasound is Monday to see how much the baby has grown and hopefully I’ll get to start weaning off the progesterone and delestrogen. Last night my hip felt crunchy as the needle went through. No pain, just crunchiness. Only a couple weeks of injections left, I can’t wait!


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One Response to “Sourdough Toast”

  1. grandma Says:

    Darling Leslie,
    Oh, I’m so sorry that you are feeling thoses early signs of preg.
    Ireland is wonderful. Tomorrow I meet Cindy and Brenda in London and another adventure. I’ll call you.
    Hugs and lots of love,

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