Life is Good!

My computer died last week. There is no hope for any sort of future for it. I am just hoping that someone can revive it long enough to retrieve some documents and the hundreds of pictures I’ve saved on it over the past few years. I have revived a friend’s old laptop that hadn’t been turned on in over three years and it’s ALIVE! I had to run a few updates and it makes crazy noises at times but at least I have something to get me by until I get a new laptop. 

We had an event filled weekend with my mom in town visiting and parties every night. Being pregnant, you can drink sparkling water all night and still wake up feeling slightly hung over.  Overall, I’m feeling really good, just excessively thirsty and can go from not hungry what so ever to starving. I’ve been making fresh ginger lemonade in the afternoons and that seems to help me get through nap time (some days I give in and have to doze off) and makes me feel great. I am already starting to feel my belly bulge. I’m only six weeks and I can barely button my jeans. I have a feeling I’m going to show a lot sooner with this pregnancy. 

We are only three days away from our first ultrasound and then hopefully I can start counting down the days until I’m done with injections!


One Response to “Life is Good!”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Oh, Leslie, you are so adorable. Life is sometimes strife. You always manage to
    lighten up even under the most dire circumstances. Some computer store will help you….I just know it!

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