We’re Pregnant!

Rather than stress out over the anticipation of what was going on, we did a home pregnancy test on Thursday. Mom to be came over and there was no doubt, it was positive! Since I had a three pack, I tested again on Friday and Saturday, both positives! On Saturday the test line showed up before the control line. Today I had my blood drawn for the beta, which measures the amount of hCG in your blood (the pregnancy hormone produced after implantation- this is also what hpts measure, giving you a positive or negative result). The IVF coordinator said they like to see somewhere around 70 based on our days past transfer (today we are 11 days past 5 day transfer) and mine was at 245! We are all beyond excited and looking forward to watching that number grow. I have a repeat beta on Wednesday and it should double by then. Congratulations to mom and dad to be! We are growing a baby!


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8 Responses to “We’re Pregnant!”

  1. D'Ann Says:

    Yay!! So excited! I knew you were positive so glad to hear the news for sure! Excited for your IP’s! Want to hear more about them!! Keep growing little one!

  2. COsurromom Says:


  3. Leana Says:

    Yay! Congrats! Very high beta!

  4. happymamab Says:

    Thank you! It is so unbelievably exciting to have gotten to this point!

  5. Patricia Cullinane Says:

    Hello Leslie!
    Hip Hip hooray! Your darling grandmother has been forwarding your postings, and I have been fascinated; we are all pulling for this little one, and are thrilled with todays news.

  6. Joan Brittain Says:

    Congratulations Leslie! Joyce has kept me up to date on this new adventure for you. I am happy for all of you. Will look forward to reading more as the months go on.

  7. Laurie T. Says:

    I’m soooo happy for you, Leslie and the mom and dad-to-be. What an incredible journey to follow on your blog. I’m addicted!!!!….. 🙂

  8. D'Ann Says:

    I forgot to mention, I love that you did the pineapple! My friend did it also with a 3 day transfer and she is preg. too!

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