All is Well

Mom to be and I arrived at the clinic a few minutes before our 10:45 appointment time for the 11:30 embryo transfer. They want you to have a comfortably full bladder, which makes the uterus easier to view. I finished my huge bottle of water only to find out they were behind schedule so I had to start over again, rather than be stuck with an extremely full and uncomfortable bladder. I was nice and hydrated when our time came. We went back to the procedure room, the same one as before and went over post transfer instructions with the nurse. I took my valium, then undressed from the waist down, put on the gown and booties and got comfortable. The valium kicked in immediately and I was very relaxed. Our doctor came in with a picture of the beautiful five day embryo they had thawed and got everything ready to go. The nurse did an abdominal ultrasound and we were able to see my uterus as the doctor guided in the catheter. He called through the window for one embryo using the mom’s name and minutes later it was complete. A tiny little embryo was placed in my uterus where we hope it implants and grows. The nurse and doctor pulled me further back onto the bed so I was laying flat and I rested there for about twenty minutes. I actually fell asleep and had vivid dreams which I no longer remember.

I got up, got dressed then was wheeled to the restroom, then the car. We picked up lunch for the road then headed back home. The valium made me so relaxed, I managed to nap on and off throughout the afternoon. Two more days of being a “couch potato” then I can resume daily activities but need to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting until after the pregnancy test which is scheduled for April 5th. This waiting time is called the two week wait and those who have been through IVF know how hard it is! There is so much anticipation and wonder. I’m going to do my best to only think positive thoughts and keep my mind as distracted as possible.


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