Babysitter Blues

Because I have such a sporadic work schedule, I have a handful of babysitters I use for my appointments that come up throughout the week. Finding dependable and affordable childcare has been one of my biggest parenting challenges. Last week, I lined up a sitter for Thursday’s embryo transfer. Late Tuesday afternoon, I got a message saying they wouldn’t be able to babysit because they just realized they had Friday off work, not Thursday. I had already been down my list and had no one available for 7 am on Thursday. I called up a girl I had found on craigslist that seemed promising and had her come over to meet the kids and me to see if we had a match. There was a great connection and she was happy to babysit on Thursday. I filled her in on the fact that I was going to be a surrogate and was going down to the doctor’s for the transfer. I also mentioned the timing might change a little because we are dealing with such a precise process. Everything was okay with her. Phew! I had finally covered my five different appointments spanning three days.

This morning I received a text saying “I’m sorry, I can’t babysit.” WHAT?!? I freaked out a little and sent a text back saying “I’m really disappointed and now have to find someone last minute. It is really hard to find dependable people.” She apologized again then wrote back a half an hour later saying she could indeed watch them and had her schedule mixed up. If I had another option I would’ve gone with it but I didn’t. So we’re on again.

It’s incredible to me what babysitters charge these days. I feel $10-$12 an hour is reasonable to be watching and playing with two kids. Rates I’ve been seeing on craigslist are $15-$20 an hour. Seriously? $20 an hour to babysit? I hope that includes cleaning the house and cooking us dinner! In the end, I’m covered for tomorrow and am meeting with two more potential sitters to add to my list. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for my amazing friends that help out with my kids. It is wonderful to have such loving people in our lives and I am so thankful that they enjoy and want to spend time with my little ones.

Our appointment has been pushed back to 11:30 tomorrow with an arrival time of 10:45. Now I’ll get a full nights’ sleep and will be much more coherent for the transfer. I am so excited and hoping this is it! Off to get a massage…then I’ll be ready as can be.


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4 Responses to “Babysitter Blues”

  1. pocketbebe Says:

    I’ve been reading and following! Sorry I haven’t been on to comment but I hope today is going beautiful and I am sending hugs, baby dust, and sticky thoughts. This is the time for you to grow a baby for those IP’s of yours!

  2. Gina Baez Says:

    If we lived closer, I would take your kiddos whenever, no fees required…just lots of fun! I will be thinking of you honey and wishing you lots of warm, growing and loving baby growing thoughts. You are a special, selfless girl for what you are doing and your body knows that and will grow that baby, I just know it. xo~gina

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