Busy as a Bee

As my four year old daughter is counting down the days to her mini-vacation with her Auntie using a paper chain we made; I am counting down the days to transfer based on how many medrol I have left. Only two more! I have been working a bunch from home and have all sorts of appointments these next two days, making the time fly by. We swapped gymnastics classes this week and went today instead of Friday and I noticed one of the moms had brought her laptop with her. Wow! I thought. She sure maximizes her time. I went to sign my daughter in so I could run to the grocery store and glimpsed at her computer. She was shopping online. And then I was out the door to make the most of my time!


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One Response to “Busy as a Bee”

  1. Grandma Says:

    These peeks into your life make me smile.

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