Counting Down

Tomorrow is my final check up before our transfer, which is now just a week away! I have so much happening right now that it will be here in no time. It has been absolutely beautiful here and today we spent a few hours enjoying the sunshine down at the beach. There were a few pregnant bellies in bikinis and I was imagining myself baring a big baby belly this summer. My challenge is finding tops that hold me in. It’s hard enough not being pregnant, then add a couple sizes and va voom! Nothing fits. My nursing bras were 34DDDD = Gs. Scary, I know. When my daughter was several months old, I wanted to get a nice fitting non nursing bra. She was the perfect shopping companion and slept or chilled as we strolled around downtown. Now, shopping with a one and a half year old and four year old is a whole other ball game. We went to Nordstrom, where they usually have a good selection of my size and picked out a few to try on. The helpful sales girl suggested I get measured to make sure I was getting one that fit properly. So, she came into the fitting room with me. She measured then gave me one to try on. The moment I took off my nursing bra, milk shot out across the dressing room. I was so embarrassed! She laughed it off but I’m sure she shared that story a time or two. Oh the joys and stories babies bring.


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3 Responses to “Counting Down”

  1. Leana Says:

    Wow! Your boobs get HUGE! Mine were larger than D for the first month with my first, but settled down to a D. And they’ve been smaller for subsequent pregnancies. Small D/ Large C.

    I’m sure that was a first for the sales girl. Unless she’s been a mommy. Mine were shooters the first time around, not nearly so bad for 2 and 3.

    My transfer is still 6 weeks away.

  2. Grandma Says:

    Dear Leslie,
    Now I know that this adventure is a labor of love for you to your parents to be. You know what lies ahead as your vivid memory reminds you.
    You can still count on me to be helpful 9 months from whenever. Maybe 9 months from the 25th. Good luck!

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