Sunday Shine

Growing up, we’d have to be home every Sunday morning to clean the house. There were five of us sisters and we rotated the duties weekly. I try to uphold the tradition and deep clean on Sundays, however my children tend to make additional messes for me making my work seem never ending. This morning as I cleaned the kitchen my little boy (20 months old) dribbled syrup over the dining room table during breakfast. Then I swept and mopped with him “mopping” along side me pushing the broom over the clean floor. As I was vacuuming, he was drawing on the couch with blue (washable) marker. So I added an extra load of laundry to my constantly growing to do list. My children love helping with household chores and I look forward to the day when they start working with me rather than against me. I’m focusing on spring cleaning these next two weeks so I can put up my feet and relax after the embryo transfer and enjoy a bright, clean home. I just reupholstered the dining room chairs and I’m about to break out the label maker and get organized!


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