Hurry Up and Wait

I think of myself as a patient person. This is a very important quality when it comes to surrogacy. There is so much waiting involved in the process, from the doctor’s appointments, to the transfer, to the beta and everything thereafter and in between. I have an appointment tomorrow morning for a lining check and blood work and am hopeful that we’ll get the green light for our tentative transfer date of March 25th. There are so many variables involved and any little thing can alter the schedule. At this time, I’m on daily prenatal vitamins and Delestrogen injections Tuesdays and Saturdays. I keep feeling as if I’m forgetting something. With the last cycle I was doing daily lupron injections, prenatal vitamins, delestrogen twice a week, and then once transfer approached, I had daily progesterone injections. While reading another blog, I came across the quote “Only slutty girls get pregnant the first time,” which made me laugh. I’m hoping my second date with the doctor and embryologist will be a fruitful one.


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