Patience is a Virtue

This has got to be the longest week ever! I have been extremely busy with work, the kids, and dinner dates with friends but it is still crawling by. I go in on Saturday for a beta pregnancy test, which measures hcG levels in your blood, a hormone produced during pregnancy. Having the hormone present confirms pregnancy then it is rechecked to make sure it’s increasing regularly. My daily progesterone injections no longer faze me and the soreness has eased greatly. I already have the same feelings I had with both of my pregnancies, knowing I was pregnant before I took a test. This time is way different though and I’m hoping it’s not all in my head. The medications have altered my hormone levels creating a pregnancy like state, but I go though periods of ravenous hunger and times of slight queasiness. I have a good feeling that something’s going on in there. Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume I have a baby growing in my belly!


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4 Responses to “Patience is a Virtue”

  1. D'Ann Says:

    Me too…

  2. Grandma Says:

    This is a looooong week for us, too. Can you concentrate on a good book? Have you read “The Help”? Lori is reading it now. Maybe she’ll pass it on soon.
    Lots of love,

    • happymamab Says:

      Yes, I just read The Help and loved it! I’m going to the library tomorrow. I’d like to read a Philippa Gregory book next. The White Queen or The Queen’s Fool. Not sure if they should be read in a certain order though!

  3. happymamab Says:

    Tonight the guy at the grocery store said, “Have a great weekend.” It’s ONLY Wednesday. I feel like I’m in a time warp.

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