Transfer Complete!

Mom and dad to be drove me down to our appointment today; it was a nice time to catch up on our lives and this incredible experience we’re going through. The doctor was a bit behind schedule so I ended up drinking a ton of water during the wait. They like a full bladder for the procedure to get a better view of the uterus but don’t want you to be too uncomfortable. So, after using the restroom twice during the hour and a half wait, I had to fill up again! I imagined going back into a sterile operating type room for the procedure but it was done in an exam room much like the ones used for regular check ups. This one had a small window that opened into the embryologist’s lab. A corner of the counter top had numerous fertility symbols: a stuffed rabbit, Kokopelli, Ganesh, and a laughing Buddha with babies. A silver inlaid wooden cross and a brass bell were placed upon the table next to the bed. I think all of the bases were covered. I first met with the nurse who went over post transfer instructions, then dressed in the gown and booties and took my valium to aid in relaxation for the rest of the day. Mom to be was in the room with me for the transfer. Guided by an ultrasound, the doctor inserted the catheter to get the right positioning and then called for the embryo through the window. We were able to see the little pocket of air surrounding it as it went into my uterus. It was quick and painless. The doctor and nurse then adjusted the bed to a full recline, where I rested for about 20 minutes. After the procedure I was wheeled to the restroom, then out to the car to keep me as immobile as possible. The valium made me a little light headed but in a good way and when I got home, I dozed off for awhile feeling very peaceful. The next couple days will be filled with reading, movies and eating on the couch. My next appointment is on the 1st to check my progesterone and estrogen levels followed by a pregnancy test on February 6th! It is such a different excitement knowing this is not my baby. I can’t imagine the anticipation the parents feel, waiting on this little miracle.


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3 Responses to “Transfer Complete!”

  1. D'Ann Says:

    How is bed rest going? Still sending you sticky vibes and baby dust.

  2. happymamab Says:

    It is hard to force yourself to relax when you feel so good! I’m stocked up on magazines, books, movies and yummy food so it is somewhat enjoyable, other than the fact that my childrens’ room looks like a tornado blew through. Thank you!

  3. Gina Says:

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way Leslie!! I love reading your entries. Praying there is a little embryo making itself happy and comfortable in your uterus..:)

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