Fertility Noodles and Happy Shrimp

While searching bigoven.com for shrimp ideas, I came across a fabulous recipe, Long Life Fertility Noodles and Happy Shrimp, by Jaden Heir, which was perfectly fitting for dinner tonight. Her website Steamy Kitchen.com captured my interest with her recipes, writing and beautiful food photographs. The noodles are said to be good for long life and the pea pods and sesame seeds symbolize fertility. Accompanied by sautéed edamame and veggie egg rolls, and with the company of a few fabulous friends, my tummy was happy indeed. I am getting my house in order and stocking the fridge with quick meal fixes, snacks and juice boxes that the kids can easily access during my two and a half days of bed rest. I have friends and sitters coming by to keep me and the kids sane and I’m looking forward to a little down time. Thank goodness for all of my wonderful friends and family for their support throughout the process this far. Tomorrow is the big day! I finished all of my prescriptions, not missing a single dose. I continue with the daily Progesterone and bi weekly Delestrogen injections through 10 weeks of the pregnancy. My hips are feeling the pain making my hot rice pillow an extra appendage these days. Best wishes to all of my surro-friends transferring in the next couple days as well. Sending out positive thoughts to all!


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One Response to “Fertility Noodles and Happy Shrimp”

  1. COsurromom Says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy your rest.

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