I did it!

I’m not very good at being dependent. So, this morning I decided I was going to try again with the self injection. My last one was the Delestrogen and it was horribly painful and slightly traumatizing. Today was 2 mL of Progesterone in Oil, sesame oil to be specific. Taking the advice of an experienced surrogate, I used the following method:

Intramuscular Injection

· Heat injection site (I used my rice therapy pillow)

· Draw circles in permanent marker of target (I had the nurse do this at my last appointment)

· Heat up Progesterone (wrapped it up in the rice pillow)

· Lay on side

· Relax (I put on some groovy music – Ass Back to Brooklyn “I’m a go left, you can go right” by Orlando Napier)

· Insert needle quickly, then inject slowly

· Apply heat to area

This time it wasn’t bad at all! I am a little sore in both hip areas from the injections and have been using my hot pillows regularly. It’s the kind of soreness you get after walking right into a piece of furniture, the really deep bruising. Three more days until transfer, yay!

Daily Progesterone in Oil Injection – This needle goes into my hip muscle!


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4 Responses to “I did it!”

  1. Natasha Says:

    You are one tough cookie.

  2. pocketbebe Says:

    Great Job!! I can’t imagine giving it to myself! The heat is essential I think. Whenever I sit down I sit on the heating pad. Other then the deep soreness you mentioned I am feeling really good and haven’t had any lumps (mine is in sesame oil also). I love the lidocane/prilocane cream though, besides the initial pinch I don’t feel a thing. I also only have to inject 1 ML. You are doing way more. Do you have to do the progesterone vaginal inserts? Those are nasty.. Sending you baby dust! Here we go…

    • happymamab Says:

      Thanks! It’s a piece of cake now. All of my medications are in the form of pill or injection. No patches or suppositories 🙂 Sending positive thoughts your way too!!

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