Conversations with a Four Year Old

My daughter and I were eating ice cream for dessert and I mentioned that I’ll probably want to eat a lot of ice cream when I have a baby in my belly. I craved frozen yogurt and Mexican food with both of my kids. So, our conversation started up again about the surrogacy.

Me:     Next week they are going to put in the itty bitty egg.

K:      Are they going to cut you open?

Me:     No.

K:      Are they putting it in your butt?

Me:    No.

K:      In your mouth!?

Me:    No, they put it in down where my pee pee is.

K:      Ewww.

My son is too young to understand what’s going on (he’s 18 months) but I’ve been talking to my four year old about it since the very beginning. I knew that she’d overhear conversations about it and I didn’t want her to be wondering or confused about anything. She’s more excited about the toy she’ll get to pick out when the baby is born, like she did when I had her brother.

I had my first Progesterone shot this morning. It took a lot longer to inject but so far no bruising or bumps. Thankfully, two of my friends who are in paramedic school are enjoying getting some training in so I don’t have to stress about giving it to myself. Daily injections for ten weeks is a long time though; I’m sure one of these days I will get some courage and do it on my own.

All went well with the retrieval today and fertilization is under way!


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