The Excitement Begins!

I ventured through the pouring rain to my doctor’s appointment this morning. The beach is littered with sailboats that have washed ashore and there seems to be no reprieve in this storm. Although I lived in the Northwest for six years when I was growing up and had to fishtail on a gravel road in driver’s ed, I still don’t like driving in harsh weather. Thunder, lightning and torrential downpours would be considered harsh here in southern California. My lining measured at a 13, which is a good number. I have to increase my Delestrogen to .3 mL get my estrogen levels up a little. Tonight is my last night of Lupron and I start Progesterone tomorrow morning. Yes, the big scary needles going into my hip muscle. I got my drug sheet today with the dates and doses of medication for the next five days. Here’s what my daily drug schedule looks like:

1/21     last Lupron injection

Delestrogen .3 mL

1/22     start Progesterone 1 mL in the morning

Start Doycycline. Twice daily (with breakfast and dinner) for 5 days

Start Medrol (take at lunch) for 5 days

1/23     Increase Progesterone to 2 mL (continue daily until pregnancy test)

1/24    Delestrogen .3mL (continue on Thursdays and Sundays until pregnancy test)

1/27     Day of transfer. Bring valium with me to office.

Doycycline and Medrol are used to ward of infection and suppress inflammation after the transfer. The valium is so I’m nice and relaxed when they put in the embryo.

Mom and dad to be are going in tomorrow to hand over their DNA to make a baby. Wednesday I go in and then it’s up to the doctor, embryologist and my uterus to plant the seed and grow them a little miracle!


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