Virgin Merlot, Please

I will not lie, I miss wine. These rainy days have gotten me in the mood to cook, and with cooking usually comes a nice glass of cabernet. Tonight I made a delicious blended lentil soup with garlic, onions, cumin and fresh lemon juice. While at the store, I decided to venture over to the wine isle and check out the selection of non alcoholic wines. There was only one kind, with three varietals to choose from – merlot, chardonnay or white zinfandel. I obviously went with the red and had low hopes of high satisfaction. I went with the advice, if you don’t have any expectations, you won’t be disappointed. After seeing the movie Sideways, I’ve mentally snubbed merlots for years. This one is by Fre, and has “fresh raspberry-scented aromas and smooth, fruity flavors that will enhance your favorite meals or any occasion calling for a sophisticated alcohol free alternative”. The screw top slightly reduces that sophistication but it’s definitely more enjoyable than a glass of grape juice.

My nightly Lupron injections are now as routine as brushing my teeth but I am still dreading ever giving myself a big intramuscular shot again. I had a nurse friend over on Sunday to help me with the delestrogen as I still don’t have the courage to jab myself again…yet. My next appointment is Thursday to check my uterine lining and estrogen levels. By then we’ll have a clearer timeline for the embryo transfer, we are one week away!


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3 Responses to “Virgin Merlot, Please”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Oh! It looks like we’re transferring around the same time! Fun! It’s coffee that’s haunting me, decaf just doesn’t do it. Gah. All worth it in the end, right? Side note, you do your Lupron at night??!! I could never. My biggest side effect this cycle is sleeplessness, and Lupron is famous for messing up REM cycles. I have to take mine as early in the morning as possible if i’m to have any hope of sleeping that night. Also, IM injections are a piece of cake if you use this recipe. 1. circle the injection site with perm marker. Makes finding the right spot much easier when you’re all twisted around. 2. HEAT the area before. Heat. I also put the full syringe in my armpit to warm up the oil. 3. Don’t rush to inject. I know, they want you to just jab it in all fast. I can NOT make myself do that. Just can’t. So sit there with needle poised for as long as you need to, and jab if you can or slowly pierce the skin if you’re me. Once you’re past that initial layer of skin it doesn’t hurt at all, so it’s easy. 4. take your time plunging. It makes a world of difference when you get to PIO. 5. HEAT and RUB after injecting. It will minimize the lumps and soreness you’re going to get. And you will get them. The things you’re injecting are mixed with oil, and we’ve all seen our bacon grease after the pan has cooled… thick thick thick. Heating up the meat before, injecting, and heating up the meat after will help that oil disperse around. If your progesterone isn’t mixed in oil and is the synthetic, heating the area will increase the circulation to the injection spot and help then, too. I know gals that ice before and heat after, and it just doen’t make sense. Yah, the initial injection may be easier because the area is numb, but you’re pushing that oil into a cold spot… does NOT make sense if you want to be able to walk the next morning. Anyway, good luck! I start PIO on Friday, transfer next Thursday. Exciting!

    • happymamab Says:

      I do the lupron at night and it hasn’t had any effect on my sleeping. I start PIO tomorrow morning. Fun stuff! I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of my hot rice therapy bag this month.

  2. COsurromom Says:

    I had my lining check today (Thursday) also. My Estrogen was low so they had to up it, but the lining was good! Still waiting on a transfer date. Hope your appointments went good today!

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