Statistically Speaking

At the end of the mock transfer, the doctor said, “That’s as easy as it will be when we transfer the embryos.” “Embryo,” I responded. “Ah, yes,” he laughed. “Let me make a note of that.”

One of my biggest concerns about being a surrogate was carrying multiples. They say there is a 33% chance of twins if you implant two embryos. With an extra baby everything goes up, from bodily changes to risks involved. I said I was willing to carry twins but would be much more comfortable with one. After thorough consideration, the intended parents have decided to implant one embryo. I am so happy with this decision and am counting on my womb to embrace that little egg.

Other statistics claim one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage, often before a pregnancy is even detected. The thought of the first transfer not working has crossed my mind but I am using positive visualization that all will go well. So far, everything has felt so right. I have not looked back once since making this decision and pray that I can give the mom and dad to be a worry free and easy pregnancy. They have gone through so much and are putting their trust in me to carry their baby. I can’t imagine how emotional that must be. My wish is for those emotions to be happiness and joy!


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