Barely Felt a Thing

Tonight was day one of my Delestrogen injections, which are now taken on Thursdays and Sundays. The needle was freakishly big and the instructions made the anticipation much worse than the actual shot. My friend who’s studying to be a paramedic and worked as an EMT years ago had the honor of jabbing me and honestly, all I felt was a tiny prick.

*Disclaimer* I have a very high pain tolerance. I have gone through two labors drug free. With my first baby they didn’t think I was actually in active labor when I arrived at the hospital. My cheerful demeanor and lack of displaying discomfort threw them off. The nurse didn’t even check to see how dilated I was because the baby wasn’t very active. My water broke about ten minutes later, I was at 8 cm and gave birth about 20 minutes after that. I had arrived at the hospital around 9:30 pm and she was born at 11:09 pm. I was induced with my second, which made the experience a bit more painful with the pitocin but again had a quick labor. No yelling, crying or clawing. I think I said, “Ouch! This hurts.”

Here’s a very basic run down of the drugs I’m taking:

Birth control pills – these were used to sync my cycle with the intended mother’s. She is five days behind me on all of our medications so that when the embryo is five days old, I will in the right phase of my cycle for the transfer and implantation

Lupron- over stimulates the production of hormones and lowers estrogen levels

Delestrogen- used to treat low levels of estrogen

Progesterone- I start this one right before egg retrieval (the intended mother’s). It’s the pregnancy hormone that gets the uterus ready for implantation

We are two weeks away from egg retrieval. Yay!


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