Right on Schedule

Everything is so precisely timed in the surrogacy process. I ended birth control on the 2nd, and started my period precisely three days later, right around the time I took the pill every night. Today was my ultrasound appointment and everything went well. The fertility clinic is about an hour away, an easy and beautiful drive. From the moment I woke up, I have been going non stop. The forty minute wait was kind of nice, since I am in the middle of a great book, Bel Canto, which thankfully I remembered to bring. The appointment sign in sheet has an additional sheet over it to protect the privacy of the patients. Once you sign in, they lower the paper covering up all previous names.

The exam rooms are always freezing, so today I wore my socks. They try to warm things up by covering the foot stirrups with oven mitts. The doctor did an internal ultrasound followed by a mock transfer where he inserted the catheter to check measurements and tilt. It was a quick and painless procedure. One more blood test, then I got the run down on my next wave of hormone injections. Tomorrow I lower my Lupron dosage to .25 and begin Delestrogen twice a week. Thursday and Sunday nights, I’ll get .2 mL of this lovely hormone injected into my hip muscle. The nurse gave me instructions on administration and I asked if she’d mark the area for me. She pulled out a Sharpie and gave me two lovely circles to choose from. On the instruction sheet it gives tips on minimizing discomfort. My favorite is number 6: Use a quick jabbing motion. Nice. I have an appointment next Wednesday to check my progress. Science is amazing. I’m trying to recall if they asked me if I was afraid of needles during the psychological exam. I know they asked about mice, heights, and confined spaces. Luckily, I’m not.


Injection site – upper outer buttock quadrant




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One Response to “Right on Schedule”

  1. Grandma Says:

    You are so descriptive I feel that I’m right there with you in the doctor’s office.
    Love you,

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