2010 A Year of Growth

While I’m still injecting my belly every night with Lupron, I am off the pill. Yay! Mom to be is five days behind me as far as hormones go. The next phase is progesterone injections and the needles are HUGE. I’m a little nervous about those shots but will face that when the time comes.

Now that 2010 is here, I am thinking about my resolutions for the year. For countless years, I say I will write thank you notes as one of my resolutions. Now that it is such a habit, I feel I can take that off my list and need to add something new! I am a huge procrastinator and have been known to send birthday presents way after the actual day has passed. So, this year with a big thanks to my aunt who created a family calendar with photos of all our extended family on their birthdates I will get cards and/or gifts in the mail so they arrive on time. And I’m going to work on my procrastinating in general, soon.

I quit eating meat with the exception of seafood when I was sixteen. I’ve always cared for the earth, from joining the recycling club in high school to skipping school to pick up trash on earth day. I consider myself a fairly green person however; I have never been fantastic with my plants. My grandma’s garden was featured in their local home garden tour last year and my great grandfather was still gardening at 96 years old. Gardening is in my genes. I’m going to work on my green thumb and improve my gardening skills. I have a nice sunny patio and have grown tomatoes and herbs in the past but I want to do more. I want houseplants that thrive, blooming pots of flowers and snacks for the kids to pick, wash and eat that they saw begin as little seeds.

This year, I will grow.


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2 Responses to “2010 A Year of Growth”

  1. Grandma Says:

    You make me smile. This blog is a treasure.

    I’m going to send you a book on projects for small gardens.

  2. happymamab Says:

    Thank you Grandma! How about I come up this summer and be your apprentice?

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