Today was one of those fabulous days! I got a radio flyer push tricycle that looks brand new off Craigslist for $35 and scored an Old Navy $50 off $100 purchase from I love getting a good deal! Tomorrow is day one of Lupron injections. I’m excited that we are getting closer to the transfer! All of our Christmas décor comes down tomorrow, so my birthday isn’t overshadowed. Sandwiched between Christmas and New Years, I’ve always felt a bit cheated when it comes to my birthday. I am thankful that it doesn’t fall on a major holiday though. In store for the big 31 is a pedicure (thanks to my sister) and sushi dinner with one of my other sisters that is coming to visit. I need a sashimi fix before I have a baby in my belly! Mama to be is a Capricorn too; perhaps that is why everything has gone so smoothly. Starting tomorrow, the countdown really begins, one month till transfer!


One Response to “Score!”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Love the chatty personal entry. Thanks

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