Drug Delivery

I got my drugs today along with the most delicious homemade veggie tamales. I made the mistake of giving my little boy a bite…he LOVED them! They were so good I didn’t want to share but did because that’s what good moms do. The intended parents are such thoughtful, caring and generous people. I am so happy to be doing this for them! A box labeled PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL was filled with lots and lots of needles, lupron, progesterone and a few other prescriptions I don’t have instructions on yet. I’ve been on the pill for a few weeks now and I’ve finally mellowed out a bit or perhaps I’m just getting used to my moods. I’m interested to see how the lupron will affect me. I start injections in four days!

I have almost wrapped up all of my Christmas shopping, getting it done stealthily with a 17 month old and a four year old has been an accomplishment in itself. Today we came home to a big box from FED EX at the door with pictures of their “Santa” present all over it. They did warn me during the online check out that the play kitchen ships directly from the manufacturer and the box may reveal its contents. Yes, it had pictures plastered on three sides! Thankfully, I was the first one to see it so I managed to cover it up and shove it into the house before they could see what it was. Phew! I can’t wait to see their excitement on Christmas morning. They have been very good this year. I’ve been talking to my four year old about the baby and she is completely accepting of it and understands that it is someone else’s baby, I’m just going to let it grow in my belly and then it will go to them when its born. She still remembers her brother’s birth and is hoping she gets a new toy when this baby comes too.

I’m projecting my thoughts into the future a lot these days. With 52 weeks in a year, and pregnancy lasting 40, I tend to think about the seasons and holidays in pregnancy terms (as in how far along and BIG I’ll be). If all goes well, by this time next year I’ll be a few months post pregnancy and a new little baby will be enjoying his or her first Christmas with their amazing, loving family.

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Happy Holidays!!


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