Rewind – Journal Notes from September

September 9th, 2009

Just met with mom to be and I’m so excited to begin this journey. I called the surrogacy coordinator at the fertility clinic to get more details. She asked my birth date, how many kids, vaginal or cesarean and if there were any complications. Told her about my second delivery, with the cord around E’s neck and how I have very quick labors. She gave me the rundown about the hormone injections and the general process. I asked her about nursing and if that would affect anything. I have to have E weaned for three months before we can begin. I called mom to be and let her know they thought I’d be an excellent candidate. If they are ready to commit, so am I!

E is 14 months old, the age I weaned K, and I am more than ready. I think he’d breastfeed through elementary school if he had the choice. We are down to twice a day and he doesn’t eat much so it shouldn’t be too difficult. He’s been drinking milk and soymilk from a sippy cup for a couple months now.

September 10th

Once I decided to go on with this journey I began to read, read, read. Blogs, websites, everything I could find on the subject. I’ve also committed to weaning. I’m nursing for very brief amounts of time after giving him milk. It seems to be harder on me than him. I’ve had several episodes of mastitis with both kids and was worried about clogged ducts. I’ve been using cabbage compresses, and using my cold rice pillow often.  I’m feeling a tinge of sadness for being done nursing but have been ready for a while to become a little more independent and less like a cow. This afternoon one of my breasts got so engorged and painful that I had E nurse a little to relieve the pressure. No problem for E at bedtime, he’s ready to move on! All of my feelings about the surrogacy are still positive and I have had tremendous support from those I’ve told.

September 11th

I nursed E once very briefly to relieve the pressure.

September 12

Gave E just a sip in the morning. Drinking sage/peppermint tea, cabbage compresses, and a tight sports bra and still sore!

September 16th

Today is our fourth day after weaning and all is good. One breast is still very sore but no longer engorged. Yay! I made an appointment for a consultation next Thursday, the 24th. I am very excited to start this incredible journey. I mentioned it casually to K (she’s 3.5), as long as she gets a toy out of it she’s happy. She said she wants another baby someday. I on the other hand am more than content with two.

September 24th

Consultation went well. I met with the doctor and coordinator to review medical history. He did a vaginal ultrasound to make sure my uterus looked good. They recommended taking care of the legal and psychological aspects between now and December, so we’d be ready to go.


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