November and December Notes

November 12th

I received the surrogacy contract from my attorney yesterday. Thirty seven pages, yikes! It’s all good though and it is finally feeling real. I have an appointment with the psychologist next Wednesday, a three hour interview. A couple things in the contract I hadn’t considered are the travel limitations after the 22nd week. I was hoping to go up North this summer but now we’ll have to wait and see! After week 22 I can’t leave California and once I’m in the third trimester I can’t go more than 100 miles from town without the doctor and intended parents consent.

November 19th

All went well yesterday for the psychological consultation. Having a degree in psychology might have made it all easier to relate to. It was an hour and a half face to face interview with an intern in marriage and family counseling and then 526 true or false statements on the computer. The interview questions covered everything about me, my life, relationships, medical history of mine and my ancestors and my views on everything from religion to abortion. We met in her office, a typical “counseling room.” There was a sofa, chairs, a nice comfortable setting. She entered all of my responses into her computer as we talked. Some quotes, some notes. After giving her my life story, I did the true/false portion on the computer. The statements ranged from simple to bizarre, some making me laugh out loud. It was a relief to have that out of the way!

December 2nd

Seeing RED! Contracts are signed, health insurance is in place, and I started my period. Called the clinic and have to go down on the 4th for blood work and to pick up birth control pills. So excited.

December 8th

They took 10 vials of blood for testing last week and I started birth control to get our periods synced. I’ll continue on the pill until we have our schedule for retrieval and transfer. I went back down to the fertility clinic today for a saline ultrasound and cultures. My cervix and uterus look healthy! We are using the mom to be’s egg and her husband’s sperm. They are young and healthy, but she’s had complications that prevent her from carrying. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to do such an amazing thing for such wonderful people that want to expand their family.

I have eliminated caffeine and alcohol, am taking my prenatal vitamins daily and juicing like crazy. I am feeling a little crabby from the pill. It makes me irritable.

December 16th

We have a schedule! I begin nightly Lupron injections into my belly on December 27th. The needles are little and not so scary. I’m more worried about how hormonal I’ll be! I take my last birth control pill on January 2nd and will hopefully start my period around the 5th. On the 7th I go back in for an ultrasound and blood test to check my progress. We’re aiming for egg retrieval on January 21st or 22nd and implantation on the 26th or 27th. It’s amazing how it is all coming together. Science is incredible and at the same time we must rely on nature to do its part.


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